JKS Responds to Hurricane Ian Damage

JKS Responds to Hurricane Ian Damage

Dear Friends,

As you know, we are a local company, based in Cape Coral Florida. The storm was devastating to our neighbors, friends, and family. We are greatly saddened by the loss of life, loss of homes, loss of wildlife, loss of local businesses, and loss of our beautiful local beaches.

Since September 29th, we have watched as our community has come together to respond to the needs of our fellow Southwest Floridians and worked diligently to help each other. Our JKS team has been reaching out to the community to help in any way we can. Our team cares about helping rebuild our beloved cities and restoring them to the great place we all love to live.

We are so grateful to the first responders, linemen, and everyone else who is helping our community stay safe and restore power and other services to our community.

We know the needs of your family and neighbors are your top concern right now, and we want you to know that the JKS team is here and ready to assist if and when you need us in the weeks and months to come. If your home or business has been impacted by the disaster, please call us to let us know that you’re safe and how we can help you.

Our hearts and prayers are with you at this arduous time, and we wish you the best as you recover.

Sincerely and with hope,
-The JKS team

Our beloved Cayo Costa, where we have spent so many fun days.