Roof Remodeling

Need a new look, feel, and functionality? Trust our expert remodeling team to get your project done right and hassle-free!

At JKS Construction & Engineering, Inc. we are experts in the art of roof remodeling. Did you know that your roof makes up about 40% of the visible exterior of your home? That means the way your roof looks has a BIG impact on how your home looks overall. Or, is it time to remodel your roof to maximize your home’s energy savings? If it’s time for a change, we can help you.

Your Underlayment Choice Matters

Felt underlayment has long been used in the roofing industry, but new synthetic alternatives have proven far superior. Polyurethane underlayment resists moisture and is stronger and longer lasting than felt. If you are getting new shingles, you might want to upgrade your underlayment, too.

Heavy Duty and Heat Resistant Roofing Materials

In the past, the only way to direct heat out of your home was to use white or light colored shingles. Now, shingles are available in multiple colors with a special reflective coatings to help reduce heat buildup in your home. Heat resistance is of utmost importance to your Florida home.

Heavy duty roofing materials can help protect your home in the event of storms, high winds, and other natural threats. When remodeling your roof, you should take into account both appearance and functionality.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingles are created by laminating two or more asphalt shingles together to create a three-dimensional look that is reminiscent of other types of attractive (and more expensive) roofing. Modern architectural shingles can give a smart look and feel to a home, while maintaining functionality and durability.

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